Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recipe for Chaos

*Take 180 kindergarten kids and place their hand-made hats on their heads...
the  hats that have 10 strips of contruction paper with 10 things on each strip.
Because it's the 100th DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!

*Plan a Round Robin Day...where each class rotates to a different classroom every 25 minutes to do a different activity pertaining to the number 100. 
The teachers stay in their own class and the kids move around. 
This drives them extremely crazy because.....
wow.....they've never been in this classroom before!
By now they should be hopping around.

*Add to the mix, Western Square Dance Day!  The P.E. classes have been hard at work learning square dances and line dances and today was the day for the parents to attend the show.  Mix 100 Day hats and western attire thoroughly.  Add in parents coming to school.  The chaos is almost at an all time high.

 *To the 100 Day hats and Western attire/Square Dancing in front of parents, add in the possibility of a "snow day" coming.  This is especially exciting to the teachers who are becoming more and more frazzled by the minute.  Now the teachers are giddy at the thought of a day at home in their pjs. 
 Giddy teachers and excited kindergarteners make for perfect chaos.

*Just one more item needed.......

....a 100 Day snack mix.....hand-made by each child. 
You will know that chaos has been reached
when you hand them their own bag of snack mix.
The squeals are ear piercing. 
You would think it was a meal fit for a king. 

Chaos has been accomplished.

Oh......and it was also Groundhog's Day.

  But who had time to care?


  1. I miss kindergarten... I wish I could go back and appreciate all of those naps I didn't want to take and really savor all of that coloring and playing..

    But I can't, so I guess I'll try to focus on savoring what's left of my not-a-big-kid-quite-yet college life.

  2. LOL What a day that must've been! Virginia's grandson is in Kindergarten and she is quite involved with helping! I'm sure she has stories! ha! I keep wondering this morning how my daughter is surviving. school tomorrow!