Monday, February 28, 2011

Back from the A. T. L.

Just spent a weekend in Atlanta with my friend from the good ol' days...DD.  So this post is for her...a thank you note to DD.

Dear DD,

I had the best time in Atlanta....well, Roswell, this weekend.  It's just what I needed.  A short getaway with lots of talking and laughing.  No one makes me laugh like you do.  Deep belly laughs...the kind that make my stomach cramp.  And that is what I am most thankful for. 

I appreciate you picking me up from the airport late, late Thursday night.  And staying up with me to talk until 3 a.m.  Between the sips of wine and the talking, I'm not sure we were even stopping for breath....or really finished a thought....
but it was perfect.

I got the quick tour of your new house that night and slept so good in that comfy guest room with the fresh sunflowers just for me.

My favorite part of Friday was waking up in your house and then spending the first hour and a half just drinking coffee with you and holding Paulie.

Heading out your front door just a short walk to the cute restaurants and shops is so "urban" and I loved it. Now I can imagine your life in Roswell....because I've been there.

I fully intended to pay for all of my meals, until you grabbed my face and told me I was not even allowed to get my money out all weekend for meals.  I couldn't begin to pick my favorite meal because they were all delicious.  However, after the Friday meal I did enjoy watching the band and dancing on the tiny little dance that evening stands out as the fun one.  

 Chip and DD...check out the grinner in the background.

Me....taking in the cultural arts.
The dance floor was about 4 feet x 4 feet so while it may look like I was right on top of the was more like I was at the edge of the tee tiny dance floor. 

Okay, maybe I was in the band's personal space.
But you were right there with me. 
Thank you.

I love the choices you made for your new house....

Your colors are so soothing.

And your backsplash is beautiful. 

 I love that all of your interior doors are painted gray.

I would paint mine black...but it would be easier to just move.

I am thankful that I got to spend time with Blake and his sweet girlfriend.  He is a gentle giant...much like the little boy I knew on Country Place Drive.  I am making you a promise now that we will make it to one of his games during his college football career.  I'll be on the lookout for the schedule.

I'm sorry I missed seeing your first born.  But you can tell him that I love him and will see him this summer.  I look forward to spending time with him. 

I loved that I got to go to your sister's house and see her and her children....and then visit your church on Sunday where I saw your other sister and her kids.  You have found the perfect place to live and worship and I know you will find much happiness there. 

I am bringing back with me some new memories, some pictures of our weekend, and a refreshed spirit because I shook it up with laughter.  In a perfect world, we would live down the road from each other so I could get that more often.  I held back the tears until I got home and went to dinner with Chuck.  He gets it...he knows how much I love you.

Thank you for everything.  

Love, J

D, Me and Paulie 

A few pictures and notes for my memory keeping...

Salt Factory was our first choice for dinner on Friday night
but it was closed so we went to a place called Inc.

 This sign on Salt's door explained why.
Incontinence can shut you down.

Fortunately they got that under control
and we had lunch there the next day. 

The Pie Hole
(you know you want to say "shut your pie hole")
....after a piece of pie, there is a Pilates Powerhouse
right next you can see from the sign behind.

Adorable antique trashcan lid. 

And a quick story from the airport....

While using the restroom (on land) one more time before heading to the gate,
 I was in the stall and the song coming through the speakers
 was Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." 

Other than the song, it was quiet. 

Right as Whitney is building up to that highest, strongest note....
the girl in the next stall starts singing along with her.......
as high and as loud as she can! was startling...and it was just all of a sudden,
 like she couldn't help it.

Unfortunately for those of us in the room,
she missed the note.
  It came out like a cow in distress.

I wanted to wait her out so I could get a good look at her
...but I had to get to the gate.

If I were her, I wouldn't have come out until dark.

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