Monday, February 21, 2011


George Washington's birthday is February 22.  And it is this
 that we celebrate all these years later.......
now just called President's Day. 

In honor of George, the kids learned some facts about him today. 
Then they wrote 3 of those facts on a hat fashioned
 like the Liberty caps worn in George's day. 

Fact 1:  He is the fodr (of our country).

Fact 2:  Gorg Woshingtn marreed Mrdu. (Martha)

It was probably at this point, that Martha took over. 
 Because we all know behind every great man is a wife telling him what to do.

Listening to the lessons this morning, I also learned that George was a farmer and liked to fish.  Probably out of necessity rather than hobby.  They didn't have Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken back then.  If you wanted it, you grew it or fished for it.

We really do owe our ancestors so much.  We are the spoiled rotten off-spring for sure.

Next up....Western Day.  For those not familiar with
 this time of year in's Rodeo time. 
 And whether you own a ranch, herd cattle or ride horses,
 this is the time of year that you dress like you do. 

On a little side note:  Chuck had the flu so this weekend was spent dodging him and spraying Lysol in his path.  I had the shot so I am hoping that protects me.  He will get the shot from now on, I assure you.  He was sick and not happy about it.  

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  1. Happy Presidents Day to you, too.... I hate when the mail doesn't come. Poor Chuck. Daughter had the flu a week ago...she got the shot...but early... in September. I better not get it. I ALWAYS get the shot.