Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sore Throat

The kindergartners bundled up and endured a short recess out in the 32' weather.  Coming in, they were red-cheeked little whiners.  All of them were complaining about how cold it was!

I was handing out the sympathy comments left and right until one walked by me crying.

Me:  What's wrong?
Nate:  (can't talk...crying too hard)

Me:  Try to stop crying and tell me what happened.

Nate:  Jake hurt my feelings.

Me:  Well, tell him he hurt your feelings.  Let's go find him.

After finding Jake.....

Me:  Jake you hurt Nate's feelings...can you tell him you're sorry?

Jake:  Well........(he starts crying, too) he hurt my feelings.

Third Boy pipes in:  Jake hurt my feelings, too...

AND he made my throat sore because I had to yell at him so loud.

Me:  (Made eye contact with the teacher to let her know it was all hers.....and left the room)

We don't handle the cold very well.  Apparently our feelings are extra sensitive at 32'.


  1. OMG - laughing... my throat hurts too Miss H.

  2. Precious! I miss having a kindergartner's view on the world in the house. I love getting to share it with you here.