Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day....

Cupid is on his way.  In fact, Cupid struck my kids last night
in the way of an online transfer into their checking account. 
 Oh, how I miss the days when Cupid would bring them some
 candy and a movie in the form of a gift wrapped package
waiting for them at the breakfast table.

 But Cupid is getting old and can't get a package
 in the mail on time. 

When I texted Cameron to let her know that Cupid
 had put some money in her account,
 she texted right back....

"Yayy and I thought I hated single awareness day"

So whether you call it Valentine's Day
Single Awareness Day

....I hope you get lots of chocolate.


  1. I hope you get lots of chocolate, too. Did you watch Valentine's Day? Pretty cute...that Ashton guy is adorable....

  2. taking a break from putting together Tyler's Valentine's for your idea of using the vintage cards to decorate...think I might copy that idea next year...really cute!!!

  3. Haha I made the blog again! I feel famous. No wonder your friends all seem to know me so well..

    Thanks again, Cupid!