Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sugar Happened

Yesterday was the big Valentine's Day Party.  Other school districts had it earlier on Friday...but ours was on the actual day. 
A Monday.
A party on a Monday.
A party with lots of sugar on a Monday.

I don't think you need to be told how Tuesday went. 

Sugar happened.

A chocolate cupcake topped with lard and sugar. 
A side of goldfish to cut the sugar.
Washed down with juice....sugar water if you will.

 Candy Conversation Hearts.  "Text me."  Really.  It says that.

A Valentine craft.

Valentine Mailboxes.

Today was about coming off of sugar.

Headaches anyone?

If you ask most people what was one of their favorite days in their elementary years...
they most likely will say Valentine's Day. 

If you ask a teacher, she will most likely forget how fun it was as a child
 because she's suffered through a few of them as a teacher.


It's always fun to get the kids hanging from the ceiling. 
But bringing them down can be hard.

Next up. 
Western Day.

By the way, I asked Chuck how Valentine's Day was at his work. 
He said noone even mentioned the word.

That sums up the different worlds we work in.


  1. wow, what a nice valentine event. :) all I did was do my homework.

  2. It was so much my favorite holiday in school that for years, as a young adult, I sent out Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards. The boxes ARE THE BEST PART...taking them home and pouring over every single card...thanks for the memories.