Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three Day Weekend

At this time yesterday, the house was full of 11 people.  A huge meal had been eaten and the board games were pulled out.  The reason for the gathering was Jordan and Chris' visit from Phoenix. 

J & C got in on Wednesday evening and the college kids drove in on Thursday....before the bad weather was to hit.  The unsnowy Snow Day gave us all an extra day of togetherness.  Maybe that's why the house seems extremely quiet this evening.  It's been extremely loud for 3 days.

But a good loud.

Cameras were going but rarely mine. I was the hostess so I was a little sidetracked.  I did manage to take some shots while we were playing HeadBanz.  A fun game that I couldn't play very well. 

The weekend's over.  Everybody's gone home.  


  1. I have never heard of this game and I am really surprised Will let you post this photo of him. Oh I forget, you pull the "Mom Can Do What She Wants Card" and sorry about your luck,you put it on your head! LOL, Glad you all had a fun weekend. Was thinking about you guys when they predicted the bad weather.