Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giddy Up Cowboy!

All things Texas this week in kindergarten.  Wednesday was Texas Independence Day and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is in town.  It might surprise most of you outside of Texas to know that not all Texans ride horses and rope cattle.  But we can put on our boots and bandannas and head to the rodeo and act like cowboys and cowgirls for at least a week or two out of the year.

Chuck and I have been invited to attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in an executive suite in Reliant Stadium next week to see the rodeo and Lady Antebellum in concert.  That's how we do the rodeo in Houston, Texas.  Airconditioned suites, giant screen t.v.'s and all you can eat buffet.  And the shopping!  Miles of shopping in the Reliant Center.  It's tougher to be a cowgirl than you think.

Our invitation was to either attend on a Tuesday evening or a Friday evening.  I immediately said Friday because this cowgirl doesn't do late nights on matter how good those cowboys look in their tight Wranglers.  I found out after choosing Friday that the band would be Lady Antebellum.  I bought their c.d. this week so I could listen to their songs....other than their hit song "I Need You Now."
Last night while on our way out to eat, I plugged in the c.d.  Chuck asked who it was....I told him Lady Antebellum...the band that's playing next Friday when we're there.  He said he recognized the song. 

And then he said with a sigh of relief, "Oh, good.  I thought it was Lady GAGA we were going to see."

Pop culture and Chuck don't really mix.

So back to the kids....

Thursday's Listening Lesson: A Cowboy

This was one of the most complicated lessons yet.  Lots and lots of pieces of construction paper involved....meaning there were a lot of scraps left behind from cutting the previous pieces.  The finished work is always so telling.  Some hang in there for the whole activity.  Some just start doing their own thing.  Some excel in cutting and gluing.  Some would rather be doing anything but cutting and gluing. 

A cowboy has 8 seconds to hang on to the raging bull let out of the pen.  See which cowboy you think made it and which ones got thrown.....

Thrown....lost one arm and a boot. Remaining arm dislocated. 
 Looks a little scrambled but still smiling. 
Probably that heart flower on his hat that makes him happy. 

 Thrown...Lost his vest, his leg, his gun holster and his bandanna....but still smiling.
This is one tough cowboy.

Thrown...Despite his very tiny head and elephant legs, this cowboy survived.

Who knew Jason with the Hockey Mask from the Friday the 13th series was a cowboy?
I bet the bull was scared of this cowboy.

If you can't find a crayon for the eyes and nose, just dig a hole with your pencil.  

Thrown....but survived with only a scattered bandanna
....and some floppy bunny ears.

And we have a winner!  8 seconds on the bull and still on...
half a bandanna...but the rest intact.

I was feeling real good and real manly. 
 Until a real cowboy walked by and
told me I had my hat on backwards. 
 So much for my career as a cowboy.

~ Michael Biehn ~
American Actor


  1. Thank you Julia for a great laugh. I'm at a store where I can get internet and people are staring at me but I don't care. I needed to lighten up after a very frustrating Saturday. I wasted 3 hours trying to gain access to the internet since ours in the country is down today. Your blog made my day. Your take on the art is just priceless but I also laughed out loud to hear Chuck didn't want to see Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I'm now in a great mood and am stopping by Michaels to see what I can use my 50% off coupon on. I (was) just going to go home.

  2. I can definitely hear Daddy saying that... and I don't think Lady GaGa and rodeos mix anyway.

  3. Wow! It was a tough day for the Cowboys! The last one is pretty cute in his wranglers! Carol

  4. I am laughing so hard I'm crying!!! Giddy up!!!

  5. Love it all. Honey, sell all the t.v.'s.