Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Very Good Reader

Kindergarten kids come in all sizes and shapes and colors and abilities.  They come to kindergarten from the to speak.  In other words, they have been at home or in private preschools or in daycares and when they enter our doors we most likely have no background knowledge of them.  No Permanent Record that follows it will follow them from here on out. 

So the first couple of weeks of school are spent assessing where they are in their knowledge of the alphabet...identification of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as the sounds we make for those letters.  Can they count?  Do they know their colors?  Can they write their name? 

While doing this assessing, there are always one or two kids in each class who are already reading.....they know it all.  They are still 5 or maybe turning 6 this in the big picture of life, they are still very young....but they are way ahead of most of the others at this point.

Today, I took one little girl to the library to get a chapter book because she is reading so well and so much and is starving for more. She is patiently waiting for the rest of the class to catch up but I thought I would try to find some time every few days to let her read to me.  Her teacher was in agreement so off we went to find her a book.

After she read a couple of pages of a Junie B. Jones book, she stopped and looked up at me.

Me:  Will you keep reading to me?

Her:  I would be delightful!  (she meant delighted...)

But honestly, she was delightful.


  1. Cute :)...I never was much of a reader (until my teens and 20's, when Harry Potter and Twilight came into my life) But I could probably out-talk my fellow kindergarteners :)