Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raise Your Hand

Rules, rules, and more rules.  The kindergarteners are still trying to learn all the rules.  Raise your hand for permission to speak.  Sit criss-cross (we called it Indian Style....guess that's not PC anymore).  Participate.  Follow the teacher's directions.  Keep your hands and feet to self.  Please do not talk in the line. 

It's a lot to learn.....not to mention actually be able to do.  Imagine asking 20 kittens to sit still.

But they're a great group of children and they're working hard to get it right.  We're in the fifth week of school so we're in the routine of school now and the reminders to "Raise your hand..." are less frequent. 

However, today....the wonderful, sweet, incredibly talented Music teacher was having to remind a couple of shouter-outers about raising their hand and waiting for permission to speak.  This led to going over all of the rules once again.  She was in the middle of her talk when one boy raised his hand.  You should know this boy is a repeat offender of many of the classroom rules.

Her:  Yes, do you have a question?

Him:  Uh, time I come to Music, I'm going to have to sing really low....uh, because my throat hurts."

And since we're discussing oranges, let's talk about the price of tea in China.

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