Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mighty Miss Uh Sip

I sometimes try to spell out words phonetically on here when I'm trying to get you to read it with an accent .....however, when Chuck reads my blog he usually doesn't get it.  But I know you get it.

We drove up to Memphis from Cleveland....about a 2 1/2 hour a poor excuse for a caravan.  I've decided caravans don't really work.  Even with cell phones. And navigation systems. We had 11 people going in 3 cars and had set a Departure Time.  But getting 11 people in 3 cars ready to depart from different locations at the same time is near impossible.  So 3 cars left at different times from different locations and at any given time, 2 out of 3 cars were pulled over on the side of the highway waiting for the other car.  Patience is a virtue.  Patience is a virtue.  Patience is a virtue.

After visiting the cousins, one of those cars with 2 of those people left and the other 2 cars with 9 people headed to Graceland and then to Mud Island.  Mud Island is an island/park on the Mississippi River. We rode a tram over to it and walked up and down the replica of the river in the searing heat.

After much discussion, we decided to ride the tram. 
$4 per person for a 150 second ride to the island and back again. 

See the picture of the tram?  Above Chris' head...a little to the left.
Looks way more fun that it really is. 
It's not really that it wasn't was that it wasn't air-conditioned. 
And air-conditioned = FUN

Beware of Giant Catfish with red sunglasses.

The replica of the river is pretty impressive. 
You can walk it from the source, Lake Itasca in Minnesota, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Wade in it, if you wish.

Maps like this were posted along the way,
 to let you know "where" you were on the river.

The real thing.

Will has decided to collect dirt from his travels. 
So here he is.....on his way down to the banks. 
 I was looking over my shoulder for a security guard.

Posing while waiting for the tram to take off for the return trip. 

This is not one of ours......but I love the way she just owned her place in the front.

An outdoor concert venue on the banks of the river.

For my quilting friends.

On the way home, our 2 car caravan pulled over
 for Chris...our Phoenix born and raised son-in-law...
and Will to pick some cotton. 

Probably broke some kind of law.   

And then we got in the car on Monday morning, dropped Jordan and Chris off at the Jackson airport, headed west to Nacogdoches to drop Will off at Stephen F. Austin,
and arrived home in Cypress 10 hours later.

 By the time we got home, I felt like a bug on a windshield.


  1. OMG You make me laugh so much! Love the photo of the bug splats! I still said the other word in my head ;). On a more refined note, LOVE the quilts.

  2. That thing dangling from tracks so you can't see how you're moving? Looks like a great trip. I love, love the photo you took of everyone on the tram.

  3. P.S. Chuck reads your blog??? Wow, how supportive, no one in my whole family reads mine :(

  4. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Did you know that I am from Memphis? I haven't been to Mud Island in forever!