Friday, September 24, 2010

All those other grades.....

Me:  You have to participate.  When the teacher ask you to sing with the others, you have to.  That's called participating.  Doing your part.

Him:  I don't want to.

Me:  Well, it's not really a choice.  We have to participate.  We have to do what the teacher ask us to do.

Him:  I don't even want to be here. 
 I just want to stay home and play.

Me:  Well, you have to be in school.  That's your job.

Him:  But I hate kindergarten.

Me:  But kindergarten is fun.  This is where you are going to learn to read and to write.  And you get to play in free choice centers with your friends.

Him:  You know the only thing I hate more than kindergarten?

Me:  What?

Him:  First grade.  (long pause)        
And all those other grades.

At this point, I am all out of pep talk. It's Friday......and he was tired.  Hopefully, the weekend will shed a new light on kindergarten for him.

Because it really is a fun place to be.  Wait 'til he goes to all those other grades.  He'll be wishing for kindergarten.  Free choice centers?  They don't have those in all those other grades.  Nope.

Here's wishing you a refreshing weekend.  May it be restful and help shed a new light on your Monday through Friday routine.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, I hope you participate.  


  1. Was that Emma you were talking to? She is not participator. She gets that from her daddy. She does love school though!

  2. Oh how funny! Love this post! I linked over to your blog from Linda Jo's and when I got to the bottom of the page and read your bio I burst out laughing. Your birthday is my birthday! Same year....we are so young, aren't we?! Also enjoyed your kitchen through the years smart of you to take pics to document the changes. The humor in that post was wayyyyy good too! Enjoyed my visit! Xo, Sue