Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crawdads and Dead Things

When we go to Cleveland, Mississippi, to visit Chuck's family, we always eat at Crawdad's.  It's a restaurant in the next town over...Merigold.  The place looks like a hunting lodge....wooden beams, mounted heads, and lots of camouflaged dressed men.  They are known for their steaks and crawdads,  but my favorite thing they serve is the butter-soaked, grilled Texas Toast.  yum.  Nothing like bread drenched in butter then grilled on an old greasy grill. 

Crawdad's has nothing to hide.  The kitchen is behind glass, right as you walk in. 

Ex-employees?  Or tonight's meal?  Just some mounted heads.
This is a little creepy to me....but I'm not from a hunting family.
  There are plenty of hunters in this part of the country, and this is eye candy to them. 

The best snake is a dead snake. 

And the more dead snakes the better off we all are. 

This is our niece who played with me while we were waiting on our food. 
There were 16 of us, so the wait was long.  This girl knows how to act like she's sceered.

And she can act like she's been to the taxidermist.

More mounted heads.

It looks like they are on a drill team.  Look left, look right.

An antler chandelier.....Biggy Sized.

I took several shots of the group at the table...but they were all blurred. 
 However, it was much like the dinner. 
The band was playing and the wait was long....
so by this time of the evening, things were getting a bit blurred.
  Another wine?  Don't mind if I do.

The kids were all freezing from drinking 15 glasses of iced tea and cold cokes.

The cousins. 
Youngest to oldest....left to right.
My middle child, Cameron, was the only one missing. 
Texas A&M doesn't observe Labor Day as a day off.
So class was in session for her.
We missed her....it would have been more fun and a lot louder.

Chris, the new son-in-law, is now a cousin to all these kids. 
 He's been to Mississippi and eaten at Crawdad's.....initiation over.

Not a cousin.

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    Good looking cousins!!! And I wanted to point out that your dialect changed when you went over yonder. It was quite apparrrent.