Monday, September 6, 2010

The Middle Place

We just got back from a four day trip to Cleveland, Mississippi.....home of Chuck, the boy.  Jordan and her new husband flew to Houston from Phoenix on Thursday evening.  We got in the car on Friday, drove up Highway 59 to Nacogdoches, picked up Will and headed east to Mississippi.  Five of us in a car built for four....comfortably.  The ride was a little stressful for those who are 6 foot and over and those who are 50 or over and those who just plain don't have patience.  I just kept feeling like there were too many arms and legs in the car.  I sat in the middle seat behind the passenger seat....with my legs curled up.  I'm happy to report they are beginning to unfold. 

It was a relaxing weekend with lots of eating, card playing and cousin visiting.  We even drove up to Memphis on Sunday to see some of Chuck's cousins and second cousins and new babies. We did a drive-by Graceland and then a walk-by the Mississippi River near downtown Memphis. 
Elvis had left the building.  But you can't imagine how many people were there looking for him.

I wasn't an extreme Elvis fan....but of course, I love his music and remember where I was the day I heard on the radio that he had died (in my Mustang on 59 near the 610 loop)....but just being so close to Graceland was a little sobering. You can't help but feel how great he was, how many fans he had, the talent....and the loss.

I'll post some pictures of what little we saw...later.  We didn't take the official tour ($68. per avid fan) but we could see enough to "feel" like we had been there. ( $0.00 for us)

Jordan brought a couple of her latest reads to pass on to me.  I picked up one and started reading it in the car on Friday.  You know it's a good book when you are anxious for bedtime so you can pick it back up.  I finished the book at about hour 3 of a 10 hour drive today.  I was so sad to finish it because it was such a good book and I had 7 hours to go in the car.

I took lots of cousin pictures this weekend which won't really be fun for anyone but those I wanted to recommend this book for some good reading....NOW. 

The subject matter is the big C....and at first, I put it down and told Jordan I didn't really want to read a book that was sad.  She said, "'s a little sad...but she's here....she wrote the book.  Read it."

So glad I did. Kelly Corrigan writes like she's talking to you...and she is very real about her bout with cancer, her anxiety, her anger, her treatments......and believe it or not....because of her honesty and humor, I wanted to read more.  Can't wait for you to read it so we can discuss. 

The Middle Place
by Kelly Corrigan


  1. Oh! I'll have to get it! I was in my Camaro in downtown Houston...leaving work...headed to 59 South.

  2. I just read that book this year and LOVED it. I lost two family members to cancer in the last two years, so I was worried about reading the book so soon, but it was such a great read. And it made me want to be a Corrigan!

  3. You and Linda probably passed each other on The Loop!!!! Okay, I'll get this book but it better not be like that blog you told me to read then had to go to bed afterward. Just finished The Castaways. It's like a "summer read", not completely light and not too perky but interesting with lots of twists and turns at least for someone like me who doesn't try to figure out how it's going to end up and just enjoys the ride. Thanks for the recommendation.