Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Country Drive

After Sunday School, I decided to skip church and come home.  I was contemplating going to Round Top for the first weekend of the 2 week antique festival.  Chuck was going to plant himself in front of the Texan/Cowboy game so that made my mind up. 

I spent about 4 hours there and came home with one linen top and a bag of kettle corn. It's not that I didn't see a lot of things I liked and wanted.  But we may go back next Saturday so I was doing a lot of looking....just looking. 

This thing goes on for miles and miles and miles and I hesitate to spend the cash on me because there are miles and miles to go.  I swear it's even bigger this year.  

There will be no gaps in the traffic next weekend. 
 Traffic was light today...
one of the reasons I wanted to go.

Miles and miles on both sides of the road. 
 I basically just stayed toward the front near the road...when it's about 5 rows or more deep. 
 I don't even want to think about all that I missed.

I took this photo for Stephanie...
she drives a truck and I think this
might inspire her to paint her truck
with hot pink flames.

This is Junk Gypsies' Booth. 
 A little gawdy...but I think that's the point.

At one booth, there were cement urns and
a crowd was looking at one in particular.......
I thought it must be gorgeous and priced low.

It was this huge spider.  HUGE.  Like the size of a Silver Dollar.

It was a good day for a country drive. 
 I came home to Chuck cooking dinner.
Life is sweet. 


  1. I think it was a little cooler on Sunday. I was melting Thursday and Friday. I always think of you when I drive through your part of town on 290....and I still have a ways to go home.....

  2. You're taking me this weekend. Don't forget me!