Thursday, September 16, 2010


I promise I won't put a picture of my feet on here....although I have done that a time or two.  Today I just want to talk about feet. 

My feet to be exact. 

They hurt. 

I am constantly on the look out for comfortable shoes.

Up until my mid 30's shoes just had to be cute.  Then by my mid 40's they had to be cute with a good arch support.  Now in my early 50's, they have to be cute, with a good arch support and super comfortable.  And those are available for $100 + a pair. 

In other words, I'm not finding them at T.J.Maxx or Marshall's anymore. 

And I'm exaggerating when I say they are cute.  Most of the shoes I find that are really comfortable are grandma shoe ugly.  And my head isn't ready for that.

While in Mississippi, we headed to the downtown area of Cleveland to do a little shopping....most of the stores are small boutiques with very little, but very pricey, inventory.  One store carried TOMS.  So I picked up a pair to look at the inside.......and what do you know?  They have a nice lining with a padded arch support. 

So I tried on the only pair they had in my size.

They were olive... not black, the color I would have liked. But I bought them and they are comfortable. 

Not super..... but remember to get super I have to spend over a hundred dollars and be willing to wear ugly.  I actually wore them to work ....all day....and my feet didn't hurt anymore than they always do. Score.

With my TOMS, I got a flag.  There was a card attached to the flag instructing one to take their picture with the flag and send it to

Oliver and Cameron were visiting, so we let Oliver be our flag model.  I'm not sure if he'll make the photo wall on the website, but we sent his picture in. 

 And I like knowing there's a kid out there somewhere who got a pair of shoes because of my purchase.

And I may just purchase another pair......this one.

Scarecrow season and all.......

And if another child gets a pair of shoes because of me....
all the better.


  1. Have only ever seen pictures of Tom's shoes but I would have NEVER expected them to have an arch support. Who knew?!? Good to know. It's always good to have happy feet. :) LindaSonia

  2. I never heard of Toms til recently but now I'm seeing them everywhere. I think I'm coveting that same pair that you want next.