Saturday, January 2, 2010

We are who we are.

And a cat is a cat, no matter how much of a cuddle muffin they seem to be. In the last 3 days, we have found 3 snakes, 1 grasshopper and a baby bird just now........all dead.......all brought in the house. The snakes were the size of a pencil, but might as well have been cobras. The cat is a hunter. He is who he is.

I also would like to report that I haven't even left the house this year. We had a great time bringing the new year in at my teacher/friend's house and got home sometime around 1:00 a.m.

We were awoken by a phone call from Will at 3:00 a.m. that he had been in an accident.

Yep. The dreaded call. But the good news is, he was not hurt and received no ticket. Just loads of damage to his car. There had been a wreck on the other side of the median and he glanced over at it........then sideswiped a black truck that was parked in the right lane on his side. This truck had been in the earlier accident and had just parked in the hazard lights on. Even the police officer said that it was a normal reaction for him to have looked at the wreck and there was no way he could have seen the truck. The driver of the parked, already hit once truck was ticketed.

After that, none of us slept so New Year's Day was spent catching up on our sleep.

So 2010? Dead animals and wrecks? I don't think I like you so much. Let's start over.


  1. What an illustrious start! I'm so glad Will's okay. I hate when my phone rings when Maddie isn't home.

    I just realized that I haven't left the house this year either! And so far this year we've had our heat go out (in sub zero wind chill weather), our washing machine die and Maddie's car is having problems. Good times. So far Jim's been able to take care of 2 of those things. I'm still choosing joy though. And by the way, I don't think I'm going to Silver Bella this year. Between you and me. I haven't decided for sure but that's the direction I'm leaning.

  2. Oh MY! I'd go back to sleep also! Glad Will is ok and I'm really glad for winter here. My cat brought us lots of nasty prizes this summer but he can't do it now that the windows and doors are closed. 2010 will be great, you just got the bad stuff out of the way early :)

  3. Blessing that Will is ok!! I am not Japanese and don't know nothing about making no $$. Just a fellow Houston area friend who enjoys the hell out of your blog. Hope you have a great new year...cats are just cats (my daughter has found out her cat pees on her clothes after she is around other animals...secretly in the closet..thinking no one is looking.. Guess What..BUSTED!!) Will say again...missed you at the Bella this year but London does reign supreme. It as a blast and hope you come back. If not, didn't we make plans to meet the first weekend in March with other Bellas?? Windy, aren't I??

  4. YOU get a DO OVER!!!!!!! Little kids get them all the time...I think you deserve one NOW!