Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nothing on the radio

You may recall we were woken up in the wee hours of New Year's morning with a phone call from Will. He had sideswiped a parked truck....a truck that had parked in the right lane of a busy road. A truck that had been in a previous accident. And when Will turned to look at all the flashing lights, he sideswiped this parked truck....never saw it until he hit it. Parked black truck with no hazard lights on.
Chuck was the elected parent to go to the scene of the wreck so I didn't see the damage until we picked up the repaired vehicle yesterday. The vehicle is repaired $8000 later.
The damage:
Every single panel from front to back had to be replaced along with the front bumper.
One long scrape.


Chuck and I decided to drive up to Nacogdoches today to take Will his car. I would drive Will's car and Chuck would follow behind me. Only one problem......

Will put in a new stereo system right after Christmas and he had the face plate with him. The face plate that turns the radio on. I was going to have to drive 2 hours and 45 minutes with no radio/CD player/nada. And no, I do not have an IPod.

Surely I could do this.

And I was doing it. And we were about 45 minutes out of town and I couldn't get the car heater to heat. Me...who is never cold....had numb fingers and a runny nose from being so cold. I called Chuck (behind me in his car) and told him I didn't think the heater was working. So we pulled off the road so he could verify what I thought (cause apparently he is my supervisor and must analyze all situations himself) and he agreed the heater wasn't working.

So we turned around and on our way home we dropped it back off at the collision repair place.

Grrrrr. So Will will be without his car a while longer and our Sunday morning was somewhat of a waste of time.

When's the last time you drove in a car for an hour without the radio on?

On a happier note: Cameron came home to get some of her old textbooks and spent the it was a good day after all.

If any of you have the time, I would appreciate you stopping by Jordan's blog and commenting. She is going to paint some things and send proceeds to the relief effort in Haiti....and also donate a little for every comment she gets. I told her I would send a little traffic her way.


  1. No radio, no heat, not Haiti, but like the Hadeys we say instead of hell. Okay, not hell but not at all pleasantly distracting as a two hour, forty-five minute drive should be...

  2. So glad Will is fine. Can't imagine that call; you and Chuck can't check off your tickers working well.