Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year's Top Twelve

Rather than spend my time making resolutions for 2010....I'm going to reflect back on 2009 and focus on the highlights. I will admit that I just read my resolutions for last year and I failed most of they would be the same ones I would list today...if I was going to make resolutions.

Most of these are not life changing highlights but rather the little things that add up to make for a happy year. The wonderful thing about blogging...or that one can look back and reflect on the small moments. The small moments that would have been forgotten otherwise. I picked one highlight a month to come up with my list of twelve. Some months, I had to try hard to find a "highlight".....other months, it was all I could do to pick just one.

Isn't that how life rolls?


January, 2009: A fun staff a sleazy bowling alley. These are just 4 of the 11 on the kindergarten team. If your picture isn't on here, it may be because I couldn't find one where you looked sober.


February, 2009: A new camera....that captures the wet dog nose
of the dog I love so much.


March, 2009: Spring Break trip with Will to Arizona to see Jordan. It's so nice to have a daughter that lives someplace fun to visit.


April, 2009: Discovering Chick-fil-A sauce.....after years of eating there and not knowing about this.


May, 2009: Cameron and Oliver moving home for the summer. This cat makes me laugh. I beg Cameron to let me keep him...but she loves him too much. He goes where she goes.


June, 2009: Will's highschool graduation.
And watching his Harry Potter antics before taking off the

graduation gown...wizard cloak.


July, 2009: Redoing my master bedroom. I love me some change.
This was also the month of the gout in my toe....but I would call that a lowlight....and that would be another list.


August, 2009: The bittersweet milestone of sending my last child off to live in a circular dorm in a pie-shaped room....and watching him succeed his first semester away.


September, 2009: Meeting "The Boy".....Jordan's fiance, Chris. The great news here is that we really like him....and we like how happy he has made our daughter.


October, 2009: A girls' trip to Arizona to shop for the wedding gown. I let go of the control and enjoyed watching the process.


November, 2009: LONDON....I could only pick one picture.
So this had to be it. It sums up the highlights of the trip for me...

cute shops, cute cafes, cute windows.


December, 2009: Taking a doll making class with Karen Lea
and sitting beside Frank Bielic.

Every day wasn't easy or happy or full of great times, but looking back, 2009 was a good year.

Happy Last Year. Happy New Year.


  1. I enjoyed that stroll through the past year. It was a good year for you and yours. I hope the same for the coming one.

  2. Julia I have so enjoyed reading your blog for the past make me smile on those days that are not so easy or so happy! Cheers to another fabulous year of blogging!

  3. Looks like a good year from here! I don't even eat Chic-Fil-A and I know about the Polynesian sauce.

  4. took a look today to look for the picture of you and it!!!! Also love the fact that I just learned Chic-fil-a has there own sauce...I didn't it good??