Sunday, January 10, 2010

Muh Lopez

Last night, Chuck and I had the privilege of eating out with Cameron AND Will. We gave Will the choice of restaurants and he picked Salt Grass. There was a time, a few years ago, that we ate at Salt Grass every Friday night. EVERY. FRIDAY. NIGHT. But we haven't been there in ages so it was a good choice.

About the time our salads arrived, I had a surprise visit from a friend. She had seen us across the room and came over to say hi. This friend was a teacher on the kindergarten team a couple of years ago. She is now at another school due to a downsizing at our school that one year....that one year when the big uppity-up predicted we would need 10 teachers and only enough kids for 8 teachers showed up. And as is the case when that happens, last in is first out. I wrote about that sad day here.

All I can say about that is.....our loss, the other school's huge gain. She is a wonderful teacher with the wisdom that comes from age and life experiences and raising her own four children. You just cannot teach that stuff to kids in college. This lady has snap. And you cannot buy snap.

She still calls me Muh 'ackney because one year she had a student who said my name like that. Some how Mrs. Hackney came out sounding like Muh 'ackney (pronounced: muh ak nee). It is a term of endearment coming from her and that time and that kid. And I call her Muh Lopez.

I know that horrible day she had 2 years ago, has turned into a blessing for her. She loves her new school, the kids, the team....all of it.

And while I'm happy that she's happy,
I think it means we could never get her back.
And that is just sad, sad to me.


  1. Great story. YOU look FABULOUS!

  2. If she make YOU laugh then I have milk spewing out of my nose just thinking how funny she must be.