Monday, January 4, 2010

I may be on to somethin'

I'm not on a diet...yet...again. But today I have had 4 bottles of water and only a small serving of pasta and an orange. It is 4:37 p.m.

Why? That's so unlike me.
Because Chuck's company is finally offering spousal life insurance at an affordable rate. So he signed up for it and I have to have a blood and urine test. And the beauty is the nurse will come to my house. The appointment was for 4:00 p.m. (It is now 4:38)

I was instructed not to eat anything after 12 noon....and drink lots of water. I slept 'til 11:00, drank my coffee while doing my morning computer routine......then glanced at the clock at 12:10. Yikes! I had to hurry and eat something because I wasn't supposed to eat anything after noon. So I ate a little bit of leftover pasta and an orange...not together, but one after the other.

And I began to drink water........and more water.........and more water.

Around 4:00 the phone rang and the nurse tells me she is running late. How late? About an hour at least. So I have dieted today. Without meaning to. I am starving but I can't eat because she's on her way to take my blood.

You would think wanting to be healthier would make me not eat.

You would think wanting to fit in my clothes would make me not eat.

You would think that my daughter's impending wedding would make me not eat.

You would think the mirror would make me not eat.

But nope. It's that nurse coming to my house that is making me not eat.

Not even a peanut.

Tomorrow, I am going to pretend a nurse is coming to my house again. It seems to work better than other incentives.

And about that life insurance. When the kids were little, I would tell Chuck quite often that he should get insurance on me....because if something happened to me, it would take several others to do my job....a maid, a nanny, a taxi driver, a personal shopper, etc. His company would only allow a small amount...basically an amount that would probably not even cover the funeral/celebration. So I was never really insured for much. And of course, I'm still here so I guess that's a good thing.

But now? Now that my kids are raised and I am older? They are offering good insurance at a very affordable price. So if I should accidently die after being know what I'm saying.

I'm kidding Chuck. Sort of. NO, really I'm just kidding. I think.


  1. Life insurance now? I'd start looking for a one story house if I were you.