Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pushing through...

I'm still here....just pushing through the gray gloomy days of January. Literally and figuratively. I have a few loyal readers (my teacher friends) who ask me when I'm going to update my blog when more than a few days go by. My usual response is "there's nothing to say."

That doesn't mean I haven't had some highlights in my days but by the time I get home those "highlights" seem too minor to blog about. (haha...as if all my posts are sooo blog-worthy!) I even told one teacher today that I sympathize with the kids who have to write in their journal everyday. Not as easy as it sounds.

Today, while helping one class during their writing time, I asked a little girl about her drawing.

Me: Who is this here?
(pointing to a stick figure)

Her: My daddy.

Me: What's he doing?

Her: Going to work.

Me: Where does he work?

Her: At his work.

Me: What does he do there?

Her: Works on work stuff.

Well, there you go. I have been going to work. At my work. And working on my work stuff. That's where I've been.

Later today, I was putting an art project up on the wall in another classroom and I just had to grab the camera. It made me laugh and I think you will too. This art project is a "listening" project. Each child starts the project with the same colored squares and rectangles of paper and they are told one step at a time how to cut the paper and where to glue it on the big piece of paper. The end project is very telling.....as in who listens carefully to the directions. And who goes to town with the scissors.

Ladies and gentlemen.....I give you our President.

Click on the picture to get a good look at the detail.

Good times are all around us. We just have to recognize them.


  1. Oh Julia, not to put more pressure on you but I do miss your blogs! up lifting ones or not. I only follow about 4 people who are real the rest is just fluff and I love hearing what you are up to. You need to buy one of those special lights to help with the blues. (I do too!) My husband is in Nashville right now trying to get a job. Pray for us. Our lives are really up in the air right now.

  2. Well....you ALWAYS come up with something good! I look at your counter and wonder if that's the date.....

  3. Miss Julia, That is an absolute hoot! I've missed you. Jen

  4. that's how i feel. i get up, go to work and work on work stuff. and then i come home and work on life stuff. but there isn't much time left in the day so i go to sleep so i can get enough rest to go back the next day and work on more work stuff.

  5. I need to try that listening art project with my students ... I bet I would see similar results. I also bet I could predict which students of mine might produce the most "interesting" portraits!

  6. I AM CRYING BECAUSE I AM LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely type this message!!! LOL LOL LOL This is soooooo funny! Thanks for sharing. I just love your blog!

  7. Oh! Love the one with the teeny, tiny head and the one that looks like a bulldog! Kindergarten, ya gotta love em! I also LOVE your blog, serious, funny, whatever. Always a treat to read. Thanks for the smiles.


  8. It sounds like dinner conversation with Paul! Love the prezes.