Monday, December 28, 2009

The Boys of Christmas

We spent Christmas day with my sister and her family.

When we're all together, the boys outnumber the girls.

Jack. 23 1/2.

Mark. 21 3/4.

Kim. Chuck. Old.

Something about this picture makes me want to say "Bloom where you're planted."

Maybe because they were planted here most of the day.

Will. The Baby. 19.

The boys.

Some other good stuff of Christmas....

The pillow. Pottery Barn. From my sister.


And snowmen....

My sister does Snowmen. I do Santas.

Her snowmen are way cuter than my Santas.

And then there's Tipper. Tipper is a very large dog with the personality of a little poodle.

Unless there's a squirrel....and then she acts like a hunting dog.

She is a very large lap dog....and people's legs have been known to go numb when she climbs up on their lap and takes a little nap. But that's their problem, not hers. She was so ready for all of us to leave so she could have her chair back.

Tipper was found on the side of the road by a carload of teenage boys who witnessed a box being thrown from a truck. They found 3 puppies in the box so each boy took a puppy home and began searching for takers. One of those boys was a family friend and we were the first family they thought take the puppy.
Does that tell you anything about the gullibility of this family when it comes to puppies?

Mark was staying over at our house at the time, and he called his mom who said, "call your dad" who said, "No." Then Mark worked his magic....uh, his whining....uh, his promising "I'll take care of it, I'll walk it, etc." Then his Dad said, "I am going to make you sign a contract."
Fast forward about 6 years and the biggest fan of Tipper? Yep. The Dad.

Who walks Tipper? Yep. The Dad.

Who lets the 65 pound marshmallow sit on his lap? Yep. The Dad. was your lucky day...on that horrible day you were thrown from a truck.

You had an angel flying over you for sure.

And one of the outnumbered girls....Cameron....who I was lucky enough to have on my team in the game of Pictionary. At least until some boy called her and she left us hanging dry.

I asked her to pose and this is what she did.
That would be Cameron.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the holiday post! I am taking down and packing up Christmas things in between games of farkle and loads of laundry. Glad you took some shots of my snowmen and my boys! Love you!

  2. Love this post! Thanks for driving to the land of Sugar to share Christmas with us. Hope Chuck had a happy birthday Sunday ... and that you are getting to take it easy this week. BTW ... no new sofa over here ... decided it was too big and its shape made it difficult to work with. There will be another!

  3. I just love your pictures...and all the comments to go with them! Julia you make me laugh...a lot! ....and cry a little with Tipper's story! I love when animal stories have a happy ending!

  4. What?! I'm already that close to 24?? Aw, great...