Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas 1986


1. Santa, are you a girl? 'Cause you sure sit like a girl.

2. Meg Ryan's hairstyle from "When Harry Met Sally" was all the rage....I had to get a perm. However, it turned out more like a poodle than Meg Ryan hair.

3. High top Reebok's......styling. Brand new, and very white.

4. Big shirt? Had I known then how big I would get, I might have worn my shirt tight and tucked in....I probably thought I was fat here.

5. Jordan, I am sorry I subjected you to the look on your face you were terrified. But I bet you a $100 you will do this same thing to your child. Rites of passage.

Holly Daze.


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  2. Do you ever stop thinking funny? You constantly crack me up.