Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, 2009

I hope you're on his list.

This is the newest Santa added to my collection. We stopped in Nacogdoches on our way to Mississippi...and spent a little time in the downtown area shopping in the antique and gift shops....where I found this Santa. It was a good thing we stopped because Will realized he had forgotten his glasses in his dorm room. So after a little shopping, we drove him to his dorm so he could run in and get them. He took forever. When he finally got in the car, he said he had forgotten to "check out" of the dorm room for the semester (he came home on the 17th...this was the 19th). So he took care of that business.....if he hadn't? .....a huge fine. That's our Will. His name may or may not be on Santa's list.


  1. Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas! Loved the back scratcher video. I will be running right out day after Christmas to get me one before they are all gone!
    Love and Peace to you all!

  2. If I was Will, I wouldn't count on it...

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Jen