Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Manger

I serve as a Sunday School Shepherd two Sundays a month in the First Grade class at our church. A "shepherd" just has to read the email sent on Wednesdays which gives us the lesson for the week, the craft/game we will help the children with and questions to discuss with our Small Group. A whole team of Large Group teachers are on board to deliver the lesson. We just show couldn't be easier.

Today the kids watched a video about Mary being visited by the angel who told her she would be with child....who would be the Saviour. It was an animated video and really very well done. Most of the kids watched it quietly while others crawled around and tried to play with the toys on the sidelines. I never really think the kids are listening or if they are....can they possibly comprehend this?

After the video, we broke into our small groups and I explained the craft we would be doing. The craft this week wasn't really a craft....and it seemed pretty lame. I was to hand out a handful (rubber glove provided) of pretzels to each child, give them a paper plate and then ask them to build a manger. Once finished they could eat their pretzels.

Four out of the five moved their pretzels around the plate then began eating the pretzels. One boy announced, "I don't like pretzels." I said, "Oh, can just make the manger then something else with them."
I am handing out stickers, talking and not really paying attention to the paper plates in front of each child.

Then I look down. And this is what I see..............

Never underestimate a child. They are listening. They get more than we think they do. The boy that didn't like to eat pretzels.....not only built a manger.....he built the stable. And he broke off a piece to be the Baby Jesus' head. Amen.


  1. Amazing and sweet ... a God gift to you and your readers.

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  3. Amazing. Makes you stop and just go "wow!"