Saturday, December 5, 2009

Woolly People

I spent the day with my friend Karen at a doll making class. A Santa Doll to be exact. Karen is talented in more ways than I can count but she really excels in anything to do with a needle and thread. In the last year or so, she has taken up rug hooking and crafts dealing with wool. A few weeks ago she invited me to take this class with her and I jumped on it because it meant I would get to spend the day with her and her hooker friends (rug hookers) and be around all that creative energy....and just maybe do a little creating myself.

Here is what I now know for sure. I cannot create and talk at the same time. My creative juices stopped flowing about an hour into the class as my attention was all over the room and what everyone else was doing. I also became very aware about 3 minutes into the class that I was in a room with very, very talented people. People who made beautiful, straight, evenly spaced stitches. People who had perfect stitches on places that weren't even going to show when it was all said and done! Like the back of Santa's head that was going to be covered by his hood. I was a little overwhelmed. Like I was being graded and I was way in over my head.

The day is over, the Santa is unfinished but I had still had so much fun.

Oh....there might have been one other thing that was distracting me today.

This man was sitting beside me all day.

Frank Bielic.

And I'm supposed to be sewing?

Here's another thing I know for sure. I'm asking for a picture.

Not only did I get a picture....I got a hug.
Frank, his wife Judy, and Rosemary (today's teacher), and other talented locals will be selling some of their creations next Saturday at their Mosey 'n Me place in Katy, Texas.


  1. Do you remember last year at SB some people saw Frank? I think in the airport. So funny that you got to meet him at that class. Glad you got to have some fun girly creative time with the awesome Karen!

  2. WoW - how cool - Frank Bielec!! I miss seeing him on TV. I would have been slightly distracted from creating too. LOL. LindaSonia

  3. Does Frank think you are stalking him!!!!! Did you tell Jen that Frank was on OUR flight to SB? Glad you had fun!

  4. I love your new look on the blog:) How cool to sit next to Frank - I wouldn't have gotten anything done.

  5. Did you let Frank talk? What a cute picture! I think it may even be better than the picture of you and Mary E.!

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  7. Yup, Frank must thing you are a stalker, I agree with Linda. Around this time every year he seems to show up on your radar. How have flown and crafted (sort of...w/talking) with him! No one nearly as exciting on our flight this year!