Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For those of you who stop by often, I just edited and posted more pictures to the last post. And for those of you who comment now and then, I wanted to let you know that I now have all comments emailed to me so I can "publish" or "reject."

I don't have many commenters on this little blog but lately I was getting some creepy comments from an anonymous person asking if I wanted to make more money. Well, hell yeah. I mean, NO. So Mr. Anonymous...leave me and my little blog alone.

And then there was that Japanese commenter. I have absolutely nothing against Japanese people. But the comment was in JAPANESE. I don't read it or speak it so I assume you, too, were asking if I wanted to make more money. Or were leading me to a very gross website that would infect me and my computer.

Please don't let this stop you loyal readers from commenting. It won't show up right away, but I'll publish it as soon as I check my email. Thank you kindly for your patience.

There's always the possibility that the anonymous commenter asking me if I wanted to make more money was Chuck.....'cause I'm sure he would love for me to make more money. Chuck? Was it you?


  1. Linda (Jo's obsessions) passed your blog onto me -- it's wonderful and I really enjoyed seeing your photos of your beautiful family. And yes, it's been a very hard Christmas this year in many ways -- I hope it worked out OK for you.

    I think that same Japanese spammer came to my blog. I added the verification word again and haven't been bothered!

  2. Hey! Jeanie came to see you! Good.... yeah, I had those same spammers.... I just deleted them... didn't add verification back yet.... had a Lady GaGa cd spam yesterday....