Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orion's Belt

As my header states....changing moods daily. So enough about politics and government...let's have a little science lesson...

This is Orion's Belt...3 bright stars in a row....a constellation.

But wait...shouldn't they be bright shiny white circles in a dark sky?

Good observation....let's pull back and take another look. Good scientist don't quit until they figure things out.

What? Is that an arm? A human arm? Pull back some more...we must figure this out.

Oh....I think I know that arm. It looks like Will's arm. But no...he doesn't have 3
black dots on his..........wait a minute. Is that a tattoo? A TATTOO? WWWWIIIIIILLLLL!!!!!!!!!

Me: " What? When? Where? Why? "(well, I said a little more than this and a little louder but this was the gist of it all.)

Him: "Orion's Belt. Friday night. Tattoo place on 1960. It's my lucky symbol." (well, he said a little more than this and very mumbled...but this was the gist of it all.)

Me: "Orion's Belt? Really?"

Him: "It makes me think of Brandy."

Me: "Brandy?"

Him: "The night she died, I went outside and saw Orion's Belt. Now when I see it, it reminds me of Brandy."

Me: not mad at him silence just a very low "oh".

Here's Brandy...we got her when Will was one year old. She lived for 14 years and we had to make a very hard decision to have her put to sleep after her body was full of cancer and she could no longer stand up.

This is the kid who loved her the most...and we all loved her more than I could ever express in words.

So the kid is 18 and doesn't need permission from his parents to get a tattoo. And after a short lecture about just because he's 18 doesn't mean he doesn't have to call me when he goes from one location to another and please don't tattoo any more or pierce anything because believe it or not you will get older and change...we dropped it.

What could I really do? My mother got a dragonfly tattoo for her 75th birthday in July. She started it. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.


  1. As soon as I saw the first picture, I knew. We need to go out to dinner and a glass of wine. Or two . . .

    According to Jordan's blog, I thought that Will didn't wanted to be an adult yet. I guess it turns out that in some ways he does. The message behind the tattoo is sweet. I am guessing that having the name "Brandy" engraved on his body would have created more problems for him . . .

  2. Wow, a tear jerker of a post...and also I feel compassion for you being the mother of teenager! This too shall pass! Sounds like he's a good kid, who has a heart!!!!

  3. I think it's sweet although in a "hidden" area coulda saved 3 dots...have you ever noticed how often I use them? I'm just saying...

  4. Hi Julia :)
    What a beautiful boy you've raised.
    Inside and out.
    And the fact that he thought so highly of Brandy is proof positive that his heart is pure gold. A lot of young guys wouldn't give their furry friend a second thought after they pass......but your Will is not just one of those guys.
    Congratulations on raising a special man.
    I hope I can do the same!
    With love, your friend,
    PS- thank you for all of the help you gave me during our shared portrait rustique class. Sally Jean's was just a hoot with all of her chaulking talk.

  5. sweet Jesus. How can you possibly be mad at him for that?! We lost our family dog last August and I am contemplating a full back tattoo of her face. Ask Will what he thinks.

  6. Thanks anonymous ... Fixed it.

  7. The night my son died I went outside and looked up at the sky and the first thing I saw was Orions belt...Im thinking of getting a tattoo of it as well. And Julia, if this is the 'worst' thing your son does, count yourself blessed :-)