Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Holy Spirit spoke...but I missed it.

I took the second day off of work to just rest and get well. I have no voice. NO VOICE. I got up in the middle of the night and was running a slight fever so I called in for a sub and went back to bed.

Around noon, I went up to my craft room and attempted to clean it up a little. I have been working like crazy on the weekends finishing the 8 swaps for the paper workshops/Mary Engelbreit/Vendor Faire/Silver Bella 2008! Oh...the money, I've spent, the glue I've poured, the glitter I've thrown.

Anyway...something caught my eye on the board that I work on. I am not even believing this.......look for yourself.

These dots were put here by me about 3 weeks ago. I was using a 6" border stamp on some cards I was working on and these are the excess dots. Is it just a little creepy that there are 3?

I wonder if the Holy Spirit had flown by me saying, "Look my child. This is what you will see everytime you see your son. Grow to love these. Nurture them because oh, they are a part of him. A very permanent part of him."

Only did you read the part about 3 WEEKS AGO? Of course, 3 weeks ago, they were just 3 dots from a stamp. You don't think that's where Will got the idea, do you? He does come in to visit me when I'm crafting as I'm just across the hall from his room. I better be careful what I stamp.

By the way, I just finished reading this book....

Without ruining it for you, a man is visited by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They came to visit him in the form of human beings...even a female or two. Not ruining it for you. While parts are a little unbelievable, it was well written and kept my interest. I would love to believe that the heaven they describe is the real deal. In fact, I am going to believe it. The part I love is the way God talks about loving his children...all of his mattter what they have done. Works for me in more ways than one. I hope God loves me no matter what I have done as I love my children with or without tatoos.

And the Holy Spirit really does speak to us. But we don't hear it with our human ears. Rather he speaks to us on craft boards and such.


  1. wow, that's interesting. i doubt will saw it and got the idea... but now you'll never look at those dots and NOT think of will. crazy how things work. 3 dots placed 3 weeks ago by you, the 3rd child in your family... and now your 3rd child has 3 dots placed on his arm... oh, and it took you 3 days to find out about it.

  2. Yep...and I often wake up at 3:33 am and roll over. I really do.

    And I am the 3rd child...

    Okay stop!

  3. you love us with or without tattoos, eh..?

    and i hate the number 3 because, along with 13, it is my most unlucky number.

  4. And...look...3 comments before this one! Oh my!

    Someone else told me about The Shack this week....I need to get that. You are the 2nd person to tell me. I'll let you know who the third one is.