Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boo! If that didn't scare you, this might....

Here I am in my Halloween Costume. Can you guess who? I am Michelle Duggar and these are 4 of my 18...soon to be 19 children.

Here's the real scary part....I do kind of look like her in that denim jumper. And God help us all if those glasses the size of windshields make a come-back.

This is Jordan (3) and Cameron (8 mths.) with Jack (2) and Mark (7 mths.), the boy cousins. They would come out every Halloween to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.

You can't smell it but chili and cornbread were cooking in the kitchen...


  1. hmmm...who's the fat irish boy in the superman costume? and i did the math, and if i'm 8 months then jordan would have just turned three. (3 and 2 months, to be more precise).glad i could help :o)

  2. thanks cameron for reminding our mother how old i was. i must have just acted so mature for my age that you would THINK i was 4.

  3. I love the photo...I had the same "teacher" jumper. I still cook chili every Halloween. It is a tradition. Kara