Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not a fun one to read....

Last night, the kindergarten team gathered for a little happy hour at one of the team member's home. It's always a much needed gathering. Noone drank much....mostly we ate. And talked. And just did some unwinding after a week with children. And enjoyed "adult" conversation. You know, the kind where you say something once and don't have to repeat it over and you sometimes have to do with 5 year olds.

And of course it was inevitable that at some point "politics" or rather the "ELECTION" was going to be brought up. I hate politics. Rather I hate the propaganda and mud-slinging. During the campaigning it seems the candidates can't really tell you what they stand for as much as what the other guy has done in the past. Ugh.....I honestly could not tell you what either of them really stand for. And it doesn't take a very tuned in American to realize that in the end, it's Congress that controls much of the power of our country. And the President who gets all the blame and none of the credit.

Just last week an email was going around about late-term abortion and how Obama voted for the bill that allowed this. But if you watched the video you would have thought Obama was in the delivery room handing off the body. Really? He probably voted for the bill but it probably had a trillion other issues attached to it. I would like to think he had to make a valued judgment of the lesser of all evils. I doubt anything is clear cut in Washington. It's like asking do you want to die in a plane crash or a car crash. Pick one. Pick it now. Now vote for it.

And this got me to thinking....what about the 18 year old boys we are sending over to Iraq? Is their life worth less than a late term pregnancy infant? Is it okay to send them over there to fight for ....?....what?....what are we fighting for? Because they are terrorists? Or some of their citizens are terrorists? Do you not think we have terrorists right here on our land? So would it be okay for some other country to come attack all of us so they could get to a few of us? I don't believe we should be over in some other country spending billions a month fighting a war and bombing their land and buildings while we have to ask private citizens here to donate their money to find a cure for cancer or rebuild the destruction from the latest hurricanes right here. And can you just see the smirk on Bin Laden's face as he sits in his cave and watches us spend our billions and kill off our young and mighty?

Can you imagine how we look to the world? Big, rich bully.....don't mess with us or we'll bomb you. But don't even think about bombing us. Or we'll bomb you. Now, I'm all for protection and protecting our borders. But hello? Has that happened over here? Can you just imagine the border protection we could have come up with for those billions and billions of dollars we have spent bombing Iraq?

Is it just me? Am I not getting it?

And I feel myself getting so angry....because it's all so out of control....out of my control. And then I remember. I remember that the only true leader I have is God. He is my leader. He is in control. And only he is in control of this world.

But He has given us free will and independence. And if we were to all take that and stay in our village and make our village a better, more peaceful place, wouldn't all the villages eventually run into each other and soon it would be this whole country? And then soon after that it would be this whole world?

Oh, us. Help us make our way through the propaganda and issues and mud-slinging and choose the man that will be the right one for the job. Not a Democrat, not a Republican. But a good who will do the right thing. Whether he's old, young, rich, poor, black, us to look into his being. And choose the lesser of two evils.

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