Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Baby Grew Up....In a Flash.

Today is Will's 18th birthday. He asked me last night what time he was born. I had to admit that I couldn't remember the exact time...I knew it was sometime around 8 in the morning....but I could look it up. So last night, after he went to bed, I found his baby book and looked it up. I left him a note in the kitchen....I told him he was born at 7:51 am and I was sorry I couldn't remember the exact time. You see I wasn't looking at the clock....I was looking for someone to show me the precious boy that had just been born. And although I didn't know the "minute"....I could never forget the "moment."

Will is my third child....and I was the third child. We may not have had our parents all to ourselves at the beginning of our life, but we certainly had their love as well as the love of siblings who aided in our raising. Our mothers may not remember the exact time we were born, but it's our infancy they tried to hold onto the hardest. And yet we were the ones who grew up the fastest as we had siblings to keep up with. But once the baby, always the baby....even at 18, even at 51.

The baby playing in his sisters' playhouse....

The 18 year old's loot from his friends.......he came home with dozens of cupcakes and cookies and balloons and cards. Hmmmm, no wonder his friends are way more important to him than his mama these days. We took him to eat at Pappadeaux and he chose Frog Legs for dinner. Frog Legs and Cupcakes for dessert. Yum.


  1. Did Will tell you I sent him a birthday text message . . . yesterday? I was really thinking about him turning 18 and not really thinking about what the date was when I sent the message to him before I got out of my car yesterday morning. Later, when I was giving a DRA and filling in the date, I realized what I had done. I could have remained anonymous however . . . he texted me back with a thank you and "who is this?" Apparently, I'm not in his address book! No problem. He will always be in heart and in my cell phone address book. Happy 18 years of memories!

  2. oh my gosh, where is that picture from? he looks so cute. i want to come hug him. is that his senior picture?

  3. What a sweet motherly post! I love your line, "And although I didn't know the "minute"....I could never forget the "moment."" My sentiments exactly!

    Happy birthday to your handsome son!

  4. Ohmagawd! Now we have the exact timeline of how long it's been since we've seen each other in person. It was our going away party in suburban Houston at the Chapman's with all the neighbor couples with the kids being babysat at our house. Somehow the conversation turned to more children and the "V" word. Everyone had a big chuckle (remember, puns are always intented) that Chuck was the only one who hadn't been hadn't had the...ummm...nerve to have himself fixed. Well, PRAISE THE LORD, because no one, including you or Chuck knew that you were actually pregnant at the time!!!! Maybe you had to be there but when you called and told me I looked back at it as hilarious. And what a wonderful young man you got. 18 and 3 dots, thank your lucky stars (remember, puns are always intended); what a wonderful sentiment. Don't worry all his bosses, interviewees, etc. will have tats too (remember...). No, our stuff wasn't permanent but the pictures are so we still have proof. Happy birthday Will, Mom, Dad, and Sisters!