Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Weekend....Beautiful Weather

This weekend was Will's highschool's Homecoming Game and Dance on Friday and Saturday and I co-hosted a baby shower on Sunday afternoon. So it was a full weekend. The weather was beautiful for outdoor pictures. Here are just a few of Will and his friends. The group met here for pictures and the limo ride to the restaurant. Some had dates, some didn't...

Will and his date Allison on the backporch.

Will and Allison in the front yard.

The group pose in front of the limo.....I am sure this ride was the funnest part of the night.

Today was the baby shower held for Amy Fink...the daughter of my good friend Sheila. Sheila and I worked together as kindergarten paras when I was at Birke's Elementary and have stayed true to our promise to each other to remain in touch. I left Birkes 3 years ago and we still get together as often as every 6 weeks or so. Her friend Blenda worked as an Instructional Specialist at Birke's so I also got to know her and she was my co-host. Really, we just wanted to get together and eat party food and Amy just seemed like a great excuse! Just kidding...we love Sheila and honoring Amy and her was pure joy.

Blenda, Sheila, and me.

It's raining pink booties!

A is for Amy, Andy and soon to be Abigail....due November 21, 2008.

There were lots of cameras going but the only one I got of Amy is this very candid shot in the kitchen .....side shot....sorry I missed her beautiful face.

And then the sweet mom-to-be gave Blenda and I a gift certificate to a spa and some fall flowers for hosting. She's a good egg.

I tweaked my table a little before the weekend and now I have Amy's mums added.


  1. Ha....yes, Jordy does have a cute brother!!!!

    And...I love your use of the scrabble tiles! Off to get mine out for today's birthday party.