Tuesday, April 3, 2007

When C equals DMC

Will is taking Algebra II this year and is having some struggles. I say "struggles" because he says it's hard. But then again, it probably is when you're trying to do your homework while listening to your IPod and talking online to at least 15 girls. Oh, and the tv is on. I remember being young, really. I remember doing alot of that while doing homework.......well, except there was only one telephone, one television and no computer. And instead of an IPod, there was a radio. I do try to give him freedom about his studies but then the 3 week Progress Report comes home. And the lecturing begins.

Why don't you ask for help? I will pay for tutoring if you are getting it, but you have to tell me you aren't getting it. If you blow a test, you can really never bring that grade up before report card time. Your only job is to make good grades. Blah, blah, blah. I am really tired of being the lecturing mom. At the last lecture, we told him everything that "plugs in" would be taken away if he didn't have all A's and B's on his report card.

Now enter stage left, today in Algebra class. They are taking a test. One in which he must do very well on to bring up the F he has in there now. His calculator is not working, not working, not working. He leans over to the girl next to him and ask to borrow hers. From stage right comes the teacher, grabs the calculator and tells them they will be getting a ZERO on this test for cheating. The teacher tells them both they better tell their parents before she gets hold of us.

So Will goes to see the teacher after class, and pleads not guilty to cheating. She says he can take a O on the test or take DMC (in school prison). Knowing that everything that "plugs in" is riding on this test, he takes the DMC while still denying he cheated.

So he gets home and tells me the whole story. And I want to believe him. He admits he was "stupid" (his words, but I agree) not going to the teacher with the calculator problem but he did not cheat. So I email her, she emails me back and whether he cheated or not.......C (cheating) = DMC (one day in school prison)

Gosh, I hope I am not being played a fool. He really looked like he was telling the truth.

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