Saturday, April 28, 2007

Crying Babies

I went shopping today...and ended up at TJMaxx for awhile. I love TJMaxx. It is full of things I want and don't need.

While I was in there I heard more screaming babies than I have ever heard. I am NOT exagerating. I always hear crying Walmart, Target, etc. But today was unbelievable. When one would settle down, another would pipe up across the store. These kids were they were being beaten. One that was near me was screaming about something down the she kept reaching towards the air in the other direction. Her mother was focused on the things right in front of her. Like she couldn't hear a thing. Maybe she is a great mom who is ignoring this type of behavior so the child will learn a fit doesn't earn her anything. Or maybe she is an awful mom who would rather shop and ignore her screaming kid.......but either way, she had to be on drugs to totally tune that out.

I left there somewhat frazzled from the noise and wondered why do babies hate TJMaxx so much.

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