Monday, April 9, 2007

More Than a 5 o'clock Shadow

I have known Chuck since 1978......I can't remember the first time I met him. But he can remember the first time he met me and exactly what I had on. Wow. I was so hot back then.

Chuck was the roommate of a boy I had gone to highschool with in Bay St. Louis, MS. By 1978, I had moved to Houston with my parents. Two sisters, who I was friends with in highschool, also moved to Houston. It was booming back then and great jobs were very easy to land. Chuck, James (the boy I knew) and Cindy and Chris (the sisters) and I became a group of friends. At any time, any 3 of us would hang out, go to happy hour, go to the show, go out to eat. Chuck was sometimes there, sometimes not. Because he was very quiet.....almost a zero......I never really paid attention to him. What I do remember was his long, curly hair. It was the 70's....days of disco.

In 29 years, I have never seen Chuck with facial hair. Never more than the 5 o'clock shadow that he gets around noon. This weekend, Chuck took the day off on Thursday to do yardwork and we had the day off Friday for Good Friday. By Friday afternoon, Chuck had not shaved since Wednesday morning. He had the beginnings of a great beard. I begged him to leave it until Sunday.......please, I have NEVER seen you with a beard!

Well, he left it 'til Sunday and after much begging by me and other family members we even talked him into leaving it until next weekend. He got up this morning and went to work with a beard.......came home at noon and shaved it off. He didn't like people looking at him. WHATEVER.......


  1. Sssssss daddy! i'd boo, but Aggies are far too classy to go down to that level of vocal dissagreement.

  2. You are so lucky, he's so much like our daddys were. My dad had a beard for years but when he first tried it out, when I was in high school, he couldn't get through the first week (he had a beard, too, in about half an hour) because he was sure that when he went into a store they thought he was going to rob them!!! In his suit and tie and short hair cut in Bryan, Texas!!! I'm sure that Chuck looked great in his beard but being so dang decent is just even better.