Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ten Projects at Once

This has been a wonderful 3 day weekend. The best.....

Friday, Cameron and I went to Roundtop and Warrenton to look at all the antiques and junk. We took Maggie and she was absolutely the cutest dog there. Really. I bought a child's chair and an old chair and a turquoise necklace. All needs. Cameron found an end table and chair. So the day was a success.

Saturday, I finished working on the clipboards I have been modpodging. I also painted the first coat of black paint on my kitchen fireplace mantel. During all of this, I cooked a casserole and did 5 loads of laundry. Between coats of modpodge, I loaded the dishwasher and read a catalogue that came in the mail. Just busy, busy, busy doing what I love. Well, except for the laundry part. I love that I have a family that just goes with the flow. We had chips and dip for supper amid the fumes of enamel paint.

Today is Easter and all day I have thought about the empty tomb. Please let that be true. I want to see Paul again one day. And I know my Daddy will be there, too. Waiting for us.

Happy Easter. He is risen indeed.

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