Monday, March 26, 2012


Hang on...this post is all over the place.  I haven't updated in awhile because all I can think to tell you is that I have been spending a lot of time vacuuming.


Chuck and I invested our Monday evenings in The Bachelor.  I had read some of the spoiler sites out there so I knew what was coming.  Really it was no surprise.  Courtney couldn't keep her hands off of Ben and Ben couldn't keep his eyes off of her. 

One morning in the store, right after The Final Rose aired....
 a customer yelled out, "IT'S COURTNEY!"

Apparently she wasn't lying when she said she was an international model.
And she found so many ways to tell us...and so many times to insert that in the conversation. 
Next time you're in a store that sells Brighton, check her out. 

I work around this charm bar daily and I never noticed it was Courtney.


The weather has been perfect a few nights so we've been trying to enjoy some evenings in the back yard.  Harry hangs out with us.  He's funny.  He's huge and destructive, but he's funny.  I keep telling myself that he's still a puppy even though he's 70 pounds.

Half on, half off.


Sitting at a stop light near my house I saw 2 bunnies in the clouds. 
They were perfectly formed but by the time I got the cell phone out
and took the picture the clouds were dissipating.

Do you see them? 


As I mentioned, I am spending way too much time these days washing muddy towels and vacumming up dog hair.  It's Lab/Border Collie mix shedding season.

 If you're contemplating getting a huge, hairy dog....don't. 
It's no secret that I didn't think this through.
And yes, I'm in love with this dog, but oh, my gosh....I vacuum and by the time I put the vacuum cleaner away, there are more hair bunnies floating around.

Call before you come by so I can vacuum.

It rained for days and days which made for a layer of mud on the kitchen floor.

  Mud dries and turns to dirt. 

Dirt floats and turns to dust. 

 Dust stays put until someone wipes it away.

  Someone is busying vacuuming.

Will was home for Spring Break and took this picture of a chewed up basesball
(guess who chewed it?). 
 Will can make the simplest photo look like art. 


I got all of the Easter stuff out.  Well, not all of it.  I scaled way back. 
There are the cutest Easter decorations at the store, but I only bought one new thing.

It's way easier to dust a glass cloche than to dust little eggs and bunnies...
so there's a great reason to use glass cloches.

I spend all my days at work and all my evenings loving on or cleaning up after this....

The best part about the last two weeks?

I got to see a new baby girl get her first shampoo.

Addison Kenlie is here and she is perfect.  The mama hens at Magpies are beyond excited to have a new baby to watch grow up. 

I drive right by Addison's house on my way to work...and it's all I can do to NOT stop by and get a quick hold.  I am trying to remember my boundaries.  wink


Harry lays by me in the morning while I dry my hair and get my makeup on.  He leaves periodically and brings back a toy.  We play tug-of-war for a few seconds.  Then he'll leave again and get another toy.  This goes on and on as I continue to get ready for work.  The other day, the 3rd toy he brought me to play with was this.......

That would be a sprinkler head.

I thought it was sort of funny.
Chuck didn't think it was funny at all.
How is Harry supposed to know it's a sprinkler head?
It's the same shape as a chew bone and some of his other chew toys.



  1. I am just falling head over heels for Harry. After he is through his eating the house phase you can feel free to bring him to me.

  2. He's a black version of my Charley.... although Charley never ate anything he wasn't supposed to... he WAS perfect.... hahaha.... I totally understand the hair issue... it's worth it. I can't do it again tho... will go smaller next time. Congrats on the shop baby! And, yes, I see the bunnies.

  3. haha, did he steal that sprinkler head from your yard? so funny!

  4. Okay, it's not a contest. If it was, you would win. Boh is 90 pounds but short hair. And he sheds a lot and carries a lot of dirt. I dust the bedroom in the morning, I dust it again at night. I can't even imagine. When it rains here I keep a towel by the back door and do my best to wipe his paws when he comes in. There was a time a couple of months ago when it rained most of a week and I gave up. It was very hard to tell inside from out! Today I went upstairs to my bedroom where I'd neatly made my bed, and where Boh sleeps when not busy, and he had scooted the throw pillow and shammed pillow out of the way and was laying on my pillow in the exact position in which I sleep on the bed! Oh no you dident! You can lay on that bed but you don't uncute it! But I know you, just like me, take one look at those eyes and would sign over the deed to the house. Our grandkids are gonna be so lucky it's not even funny; we have proved the heck out of ourselves!

  5. Oh yeah, bunnies. Yes, bunnies-you have bunnies everywhere!