Thursday, April 12, 2012


A lot is going on around the house....pulled out the last carpet in the house (our master bedroom) and had hardwoods put down.  And pulled out the hardwoods in the Powder Room and put down some marble.

A lot is NOT going on around the 

The house is totally out of order and it's all I can do to keep calm about it.  But until all the painting and plumbing is done, there is no point in trying to put things back.  The target is to have it all done by Monday...when the plumber is scheduled to come and put in the vanity sink and toilet.  The problem is we have a full weekend planned.  I really shouldn't be on here now...but I'm waiting on paint to dry so I'm updating this neglected blog.

Let's go back a few months....walking down the hall to our bedroom.....

Me:  Chuck, it smells in here.

Chuck:  I don't smell anything.

Me:  It's smells like tee tee.

Chuck:  I don't smell it.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

Chuck didn't smell it because he knew if he smelled "it"...."IT" would probably cost him money. 

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat. 

Finally....months later...Chuck says he doesn't smell anything, but he believes me.  We get an estimate for new hardwoods in the bedroom.  And while they're here, we have them estimate tearing out the hardwoods in the Powder Room and replacing with some tile or marble.  NEVER put hardwoods in around a potty...I don't care what others say.  Because if that potty ever overflows....and the potties in our house have....the wood will never look the same.  It will be milky, warped and musty around the toilet.  Yuk.

As our little projects tend to do....this one has grown.  We decided since we had to have the sink taken out for new floors, we would look at new sinks.  And since we had tile guys here and were going to paint the walls anyway, we might as well get the back wall bricked to match the kitchen and den wall.

Once Chuck loosens the death grip on his checkbook, he kind of likes to shop (he will call it research)  and spend a little was his idea to get a new sink and I threw out the brick idea and he ran with it.  He's out "researching" as I type.

This is the 1/2" brick pavers that we put in our kitchen and den.  Either we live here forever or the next people better love brick walls. 

Found this vanity at Laurie's Home Furnishings in Tomball. 
It was exactly what I didn't know I was looking for.

Now Chuck is "researching" one hole faucets. 
Hopefully, he finds one before Monday when the plumber arrives.

I'm excited about this newness in my "getting older" house.  Better get back to painting.

If you have time, check out this Arizona photographer's blog.....she took Jordan and Chris's pictures for their 2nd anniversary.  So you can catch a glimpse of the old married couple. wink 


  1. It's going to be gorgeous! Jim and I both love the look of exposed brick. We don't have any. Maybe we should add some!

    I have a question for you. What is the status of your new mattress? After realizing that my sciatica problem is being caused by my 9 year old mattress we are in the market. I am so totally overwhelmed. Latex, foam, innerspring, air. Mattress store, ikea, overstock. Firm, plush, medium plush. Jeez.

  2. Your new vanity looks beautiful!

    Today at Kroger I found Captain Rodney's glaze for $6.30. I was ready to have my daughter order me some from Amazon for Mother's Day. I plan to make some f the dip this weekend. I can already taste it:)

  3. Anxious to see the result pics. I AM having hardwood put in the powder it all FLOWS.... the word FLOW doesn't conjure up good images though based on your post. ha! I'll let ya know in a few years.... meanwhile.... hope you've gotten some things done these last few days... (love the new vanity)

  4. Funny how they can sniff out when money is going somewhere...