Monday, March 5, 2012

Buh Bye

Friday came way too quick.  It was a fast 3 days
and Friday was the day of departure. 

Buh Bye Hotel Room with Room Service.

Buh Bye California and your houses on the hills.

Buh Bye beautiful blue skies and chilly weather in the 50's.

Four days in Newport Beach was not enough time to see and do all I wanted to see and do.  I actually never stepped foot on the beach and it was within eyesight.  I would have loved to have a couple of days to rent a car and just drive up and down Pacific Coast Highway.  But this was a quick trip and I got to spend almost 3 full days with Debbie and that was the best part of the trip for me.  We even departed from the same airport and got to squeeze in one more quick visit with them near our gate.

Chip and Debbie......thanks for making this visit happen
on a very last moment's notice.


The sweater I had on had shiny gold metallic thread running through it.  My body scan showed lots of yellow I was pulled over and given some physical affection.  The female agent was called over to do my full body pat down.  But that didn't stop the male agent from watching. 

Here's a hint for you travelers out there:  Do not wear anything that has bling or metallic thread running through it.  Unless, you are lonesome and want someone to just touch you. 

And yes, her hands went there.


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