Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Jen

My last post was about our visit to Balboa Island and dinner at Javiers on the Newport coast of California.  My Silver Bella sister and blogging friend, Jen of The Cottage Nest, expressed some disappointment at not seeing pictures of the cute cottages on the island....and the botox enhanced blondes at Javiers, our dinner seen in her comment below. 

I found myself so disappointed while reading this. How could there be no pictures of the cottages? How? How could there be no pictures of the botox enhanced blondes? How?

I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip. It sounds like it was just what you needed.

I am disappointed, too, Jen.  I am not a real photographer, I just play one on trips.  But the big camera gets so heavy, that I get in a bad mood......and usually I make Chuck carry it...which puts him in a bad mood.  So I ended up on the island with just a cell phone and honestly, never even took that out to take any pictures.  

At dinner, I did take my big camera, but the flash was a little obnoxious. The last thing I needed to do in that place full of botox enhanced blondes was draw attention to myself with a big flash of my camera.  I really didn't need Chuck to look at me, then look at them and realize he is not really married to a bombshell.  Jen, I hope you understand. 

However, I have googled some images for you so you get a feel for what I saw. 

Here a just a few of the cottages for sale right now on Balboa Island....

Some of these are a great deal at just under $3,000,000.  A great deal if you don't mind a stackable washer and dryer in your master bedroom closet that now has no room left because there's a stackable washer and dryer in it.  But let's get real, if you have $3,000,000 to drop on a cottage, you can probably afford to buy new clothes when the others get dirty.

And now for an image of botox enhanced blondes (and to be fair, some brunettes) similar to those I saw in the bar of Javiers.  I was not actually in the bar....but I had to pass through it to get to the Ladies Restroom.  I got through there as quickly as possible, because I know better than to have my backside next to any of those.

This is very similar to what I saw in that bar....only a couple of the girls had on skin tight (duh, of course) leggings with short cropped tops.  Leaving nothing to the imagination.  Where's the fun in that?

Jen, I hope this helps with the disappointment.  I was disappointed also that I didn't have more pictures.  Now that I've googled images of cute cottages and blonde bombshells,
I've gone from disappointment to depression. 


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  1. I'm so honored to have this entire post dedicated to me Julia. My disappointment in your photography has now subsided but my disappointment in my backside has increased. I wouldn't have whipped out the big camera with flash either. Those cottages are so charming but yikes, the price! I'll stick to our modest priced (comparatively speaking) cottages in the Village. Come on up here and I'll carry your big girl camera around for you.