Sunday, March 4, 2012

Change of Scenery...and Weather

Last Tuesday was about departing a foggy, humid Houston
and arriving in a sunny but chilly Newport Beach. 

Do you spy anything out of the ordinary?

Debbie arrived from Atlanta a half hour before our arrival
from Houston to the same airport. 
 We met up by baggage claim and within 10 minutes
 Chip picked us up and we went to lunch. 
We were still in disbelief that less than 22 hours earlier
 we didn't even know that this meeting was going to take place.
That's the kind of friends they are.   

Lunch was at Bear Flag Fish Co.

I had the Panko Grilled Fish Taco.  My first fish taco ever. 
 And it was delicious. 
 Chuck and I enjoy seafood but we're not very adventurous
when it comes to seeking new types of seafood
outside of fried shrimp or fried catfish. 
 Sometimes, I live dangerously
and get the Baked Almondine at Luby's. 

After lunch, we headed to our hotel and checked in. 
Chip dropped us off and returned to his work (it was a work day for him)
and Debbie and I hung out in the lobby and talked
........and talked........and talked. 
 The view from the lobby....

Do you see what's on that yacht?

Not sure if they're for real or just posing. 

After a long afternoon visit, Debbie left and we were taken out to eat
 by Chuck's vendors.  It was another seafood place....The Cannery. 
 I really took a leap of faith and ordered
 Tempura Shrimp, Crab and Avocado Sushi. 
Yes, I did. 
 And it was so good. 

(Jordan, some sushi is good and not raw!)

Chuck's Crab Bisque

Every meal last week started with appetizers
 and ended with dessert. 
 Guilty of Gluttony.

Sign in the women's restroom.

Made me think of the bride and groom
 I saw that afternoon on the yacht.

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