Monday, February 27, 2012

I Got A Feeling....

Chuck has a conference to attend in Newport Beach, California and I am tagging along.  He went to the same place last year and insisted I go this time because it's so beautiful there.  The difference in this year and last year is I was working at a school last year and it is incredibly hard to ask for a week off.    This year, I have a new job with a very understanding boss.  I asked way in advance so they worked me out of the schedule.  Love my new job for more reasons than one, but that is a big one. 

In getting ready for this trip, we decided to board Harry and our neighbor will be staying here with the other dogs (and the alarm system). Today, I was doing some last minute laundry and set the timer for one hour because that's when I needed to leave to take Harry to the vet's office.  As I sat down to check on a couple of blogs and fb, I had a feeling.  I thought I should call my friend Debbie.  We have been wanting to "talk" but keep missing each other.  And the fact that she lives in Atlanta and is on a different time zone plays in to us missing each other.  And the fact that we can't just talk for a few minutes makes it harder for either of us to pick up the phone.

But I did pick up the phone....knowing the timer would go off and I would have to say goodbye. 

But she didn't answer.

So I waited a few minutes and dialed again.

But she still didn't answer so I sent her a text.  Told her I had some time to talk but I would call later...that I was going to be in Newport Beach this week with Chuck.  Talk later.

She text me back...she was at a doctor's office so she couldn't answer her phone but text me that Chip (her husband)  was in Newport Beach also this week and he had wanted her to make the trip but she didn't.   

Several texts later, she booked a flight for Tuesday morning and I have a 3 day Play Date with my best friend!  I am beyond excited.  What are the odds that we will be there, I called her (that feeling to call her then instead a few days from now), her husband is already there and was willing to fly her out (he wanted her with him so it's a win/win for all of us)?  So glad I acted on that feeling. 

Me and Debbie...last summer in Destin.  I thought I was really tan.  I will see her tomorrow.  Still can't believe it!  There will be no tans or bathing suits involved this time around.  It's in the low 60's in sunny southern California right now.  Thank goodness. 

On another note.....after taking Harry to the vet, I came home and mopped the muddy, muddy kitchen floor.  The other dogs are looking for him.  I think they may be a little excited he's gone...but also a little scared they're next. 

Harry chewed one of my tennis shoes and a windowsill yesterday. This list of damage is pretty long.
  When I called Chuck to tell him about the windowsill, I thought he would be so mad. 

He said, "Well, I guess I'm going to have to get good with wood filler."

Who is this guy? 
The old Chuck would have been frustrated
and angry about damage in the house.

This dog has Chuck wrapped around his big ol' paw.


  1. I'm so excited for you. I am happily looking forward to the day when I get to travel with Jim when the girls have flown the coop! Not wishing for it or rushing it, just looking forward to it.

  2. It's so good when we act on those little nudges we get, isn't it!!! Glad that one worked out so well. Have fun! Good Harry is being boarded so he doesn't eat the house while you are away. Frank would be just like Chuck. We will get a new dog after we move.... I think we are finally ready after losing Charley.