Tuesday, January 3, 2012

F.F.F. 2011

Forced. Family. Fun. 2011.  Check.

 Back from our visit with Chuck's family in Mississippi.  I do love those people, but that 9 hour trip, non-stop eating (mostly cream cheese based dips) and sleeping in a bed not my own, takes a toll on this old body.  I am exhausted and more than a little thankful the holidays are over. 

Believe me, I'm sure the relatives feel the same way.
We made them drag Christmas out until after New Year's
because we couldn't get there any sooner.

We spent New Year's Eve at a hunting club
where our brother-in-law is a member. 
I was a little hesitant because "hunting" sounds like "camping."
But I could not have been more impressed.
It's near the Mississippi River...and the lodge was so nice
 and our accodomations were wonderful.
 We ate and danced the night away. 
Great food, great dancing, great accomodations.

Lots of stuffed animals.

Me, kitty and Beth.

Our room.
So NOT camping.

A porch stretched across the entire back of the lodge.

The view from the front door of the lodge.  The cabin in the background belongs to my brother-in-law.  It now sits empty and full of mold after being flooded last year in the Mississippi River flooding.  The lodge we stayed in was also flooded but has been redone since.  He probably can't rebuild because he would be required to raise it 9 more feet to insure it again.  Such is the life of those who love living by water.  I can certainly understand now why he loves this "camp" so much.

I could never be a hunter, but I could see myself hanging out here.
  Out in the middle of nowhere. 

 Quiet.       Peaceful.       Muddy.

New Year's Day was spent at my sister-in-law's home. Where we ATE.

Back Row: Bro-I-L Charlie, Cousin Pam, Sis-I-L Beth, Me, Chuck,
Cousin Gale, Sis-I-L Elizabeth, Bro-I-L Michael
Front row: Aunt Betty, M-I-L Margie

This was the picture of all the elders...well, anyone that was not a kid.
  The two in front are over 80. 
And they got down on the floor for the group picture.
  We ran out of room for the camera shot and someone told them to get down in front
...as a joke...and they did. 
 And yes, they got back up.

Assistance was offered and refused. 
 They said they could do it themselves....
just give them a few minutes.

And they're up.

80's the new 60.

Back Row:  Pam, Beth, Chuck, Gale
Front Row: Tres, Anna, Taylor, Michael, Brigham

This group is all related by blood.
 Hackney blood.

There are several more cousins not here this day and they were missed.

My sister-in-law has a beautiful home out in the country.
  She is a little obsessed with Ole Miss.
  This is her master bathroom. 
#49 has a huge fan.  And this fan has a huge #49.

We headed home on Monday and I was back at work today.  The Christmas tree is dismantled but not all put away yet.  Piles and boxes of Christmas decorations are waiting to be put away.  Sadly I know that in a blink of an eye, I will be getting those boxes back out before I know it.  Years seem to jump from Christmas to Christmas.

Stay in the day.  Breathe.
Make 2012 a year to remember.
Listen for Him.


  1. Nice pictures! thank you for sharing with us :) Happy New Year!

  2. Hey there! Happy New Year!! I have been quiet lately but I wanted to share something after just reading your post abt the angst of wrapping. I hate throwing out pretty ribbon. A few years ago I started using lovely double sided satin ribbon. I save it!! Every one knows to throw the pretty ribbon in a certain place. I now have a large box of ribbon in my craft roon patiently waiting to be lovingly wrapped around my fingers, pinned & placed neatly away till next year. I am truly nuts but it makes me happy. Glad you had a good holiday.