Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Joke's On Us

Do you ever get the feeling that you may be the brunt of someone's joke? 
Or as soon as you walk away, you are being laughed at? 
 Perhaps, you just have S*cKeR written across your forehead.
  Yeah, that's us right now. 
I feel like we gave the workers at the vet's office
a good laugh yesterday. 

Chuck picked Harry up from the vet after he was neutered yesterday.  
He was given all of the instructions for giving meds...
what to look for in case of complications...
and one more thing...

Told we must keep the cone on Harry for a week.

Good one!  I feel sure they laughed while watching Chuck drive away.

It's probably only needed for a couple of days at the most
but they instructed us to keep it on A WEEK.

He attempted to go out the doggie door no
 less than a hundred times last night.

When Chuck got up this morning, the cone was off
and Chuck couldn't get it back on
 because of Harry's strong desire to keep it off.

By the time Harry's
 pain meds  kicked in,
 I was up and able to get the cone back on.

It hasn't even been one day yet.

And we're all worn out.  It hasn't really slowed him down
but he is running into everything...including me, the doors, the walls. 

Yep.  This is surely a joke.


  1. Hey girl-

    Taylor's dog, Lady, has to wear the cone for three weeks after having leg surgery. Oh, and PS she can't go up or down the stairs for 6 weeks. So, he carries her outside several times a day, down the stairs.

    Yes, I am a topper.
    Bear is very cute!

  2. The visual of him trying to go out the doggy door in that is too much. Also, Emma suggested if you get a cat you could name it Purr-mione. She and Will think alike. My girls are just as HP obsessed as he is. Maddie actually asked me the other day why she had to be born into a muggle family.

  3.'s a REAL pain, isn't it!! Also the part about NOT running!