Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Visits Cameron's Place

Cameron is somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico on a service ship.  I was told I cannot tell you the name of the let's just call it Big Ship.  She is on a rotation schedule as a new hire with her job and this rotation is on Big Ship.  She has limited internet and cell service so while in port the other night she called home.  It was comforting to hear the excitement in her voice as she told us all that she was doing and learning and experiencing.  She was even excited about spending Christmas on Big Ship...and said there were trees, lights and poinsettas around the ship.

For Christmas, she wanted drapes for her apartment.  Not so much for decor purposes but for darkening purposes.  Her huge windows face the Target parking lot and after 6 months of living there, she is tired of trying to get a good night's sleep in a well lit room. 

So before she left to get on Big Ship, she left us her keys and told us it would be great if Santa hung the fact, it was okay with her if Santa cleaned, vacuumed and even rearranged.  "Have at it." she said.  "But take before and after pictures."


Well...almost "before"...we had moved some furniture and unloaded our stuff so it's a little messier than we found it.  See Target? 


Your bedroom should be plenty dark now. 

Merry Christmas, Cameron!  We "had at it!"  Vacuumed, dusted, windexed, ran the dishwasher, hung the drapes, rearranged the furniture...unloaded the dishes, loaded up the ladder, vaccum cleaner and toolbox and headed back to the parking garage.

We found this on the windshield...

Lucky for us, it hadn't been 30 minutes yet and our car was still there.  We had parked right by the elevator because we had a lot of stuff to unload.  We had no idea it was assigned parking.  But thanks to Miss Meanie's note, now we know. 

We thought Miss Meanie should have at least written down the time she wrote the note...since she had only given us 30 more minutes before she would have us towed away.

I say "Miss" because Chuck said only a girl wouldn't put the time down.  (Which makes no sense.)

Will said he thought it was a girl because of the handwriting. (I agree.)

We all agreed the girl had PMS.

And we got out of there fast!!!


  1. Great gift. Loved the visuals.

  2. Thanks Santa!!

    (PS I tried commenting already, but it didnt go through. So this is try number two.)

  3. That Chuck is batting a thousand in the car parking field. P.S. When I asked Maddie (who is a girl) if she would have put the time on the note she said yes. Of course she wasn't in the middle of a premenstrual rage when I asked her.

    Great work in the apartment. Will the big ship be a recurring thing for her?