Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Destruction

Harry is the sweetest, largest, slobberiest dog.  We are falling in love.  He has the cutest face and has kicked up the "activity level" in this empty nest.

But.............and this is a huge BUT....

So far he has eaten/destroyed 2 umbrellas, his dog bed ($100.00 and only one week old), a wicker basket, the padding in Dixie's dog bed,  mail left out on the counter, a jacket and my desk calendar. 

And a piece of frozen chicken and frozen spinach in a ziplock bag.  I had taken this out of the freezer to pack in my lunchbag. I left it on the counter, then went to take my shower.  Came back and saw spinach on the floor.  Frozen chicken and ziplock bag gone....except the zipper top of it.  Apparently he didn't like the frozen spinach.

My bad.  I shouldn't have left it out.  This is all new to me.  I don't think like this. 

I would have taken pictures of this destruction, but I was sweeping up the messes with him still wanting to play with the torn bits. We are learning to clear the counters but it's hard to teach us old dogs new tricks.

Looking for obedience training classes or a shock collar.


  1. i'm telling you... PetSmart was the best thing we did for Mia. $100 bucks for 6 classes and the dog now knows how to "drop it" when she walks out of the bathroom with tissue, walks out of my bedroom with shoes, or walks out of the kitchen with food.

  2. Oh my, I am so behind. A new dog? A drooling dog? A chewer? He is very cute! Good thing. When he is 2 all will be good, LOL
    Sorry to hear about your eye. Maybe the dog stress caused it. Missed you. I hope to be on here more soon.

  3. I don't think I could deal with a young dog again. You are doing well.

  4. Same with our, Boh. Leftover casserole in ceramic bowl on the bac of the counter. THE BOWL NOT MOVED AN INCH. Not a crumb left. Matt and I just looked around purely puzzled. How tha? He didn't have to get on the counter, he just put his paws on the edge and leaned in. I was sure someone else had eaten it but it was Boh. We've also learned to use cake covers, etc. so nothing is exposed. I really feel bad for the post man and the meter reader but great advertising for "Stay Away"!