Monday, January 9, 2012

Dragging Christmas Out

We celebrated Christmas with Cameron on the 29th...after she got off the big ship that she was on Christmas Day.  There was a lot of hanging around just waiting for her to get here. Once she arrived in port, she took off for Cleveland, Mississippi, for a couple of days.  So we waited and waited.  Her packages were under the tree........just waiting.

 Is she here yet?


 Cameron, like me, rarely has her mouth closed in pictures.
Of all of my children, she is the one who talks as much as me. 

Whatever you do, don't interrupt her or she has to go all the way back to the beginning of her story. 

Cameron adopted an endangered animal...a white owl...for Will. 
 She got the stuffed one and put it in a bird cage for him...along with the adoption papers. 
 There is a Harry Potter connection here somewhere
but I've never read the books so I'm not exactly sure what it is.

Oliver enjoyed the gift opening and the trash that followed.

There is a cat in this picture somewhere...can you spy him?

Chuck videoed and I sat there and tried not to take the tree down.
I work hard at relaxing...I really do.  But it's so hard for me.
In my head, I'm already moving on to the next thing.
I mean, this was the 29th of December.

But the Christmas was left up until we got back from Mississippi after New Year's.  And I lived through it.  Even while listening to my sister-in-laws talk about
how they put all theirs' away the day after Christmas. 

God knew what he was doing when he sent Chuck my way.
  Laid back doesn't even begin to describe how relaxed and easy going he is.   
Give him a t.v. and a chair and he has no idea there's a tree in the room.

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