Monday, January 30, 2012

A Perfectly Full Weekend

Jordan flew in Saturday for a 4 day visit.  Her office is closed for the week after recouping from their busy season.  But Chris, the husband, had to stay behind for we have Jordan all to ourselves.

We met up with my sister and her family on Saturday evening for a delicious dinner at Yard House.  We've eaten at Yard House in Scottsdale and now have one of our own here in Houston.  Yum.  Everyone came back by the house to meet Harry.

"He's HUGE." ....they all exclaimed. 

Sunday, I attended a baby shower for my sweet co-worker Ally, who is due in March.  It was the perfect beginning for what turned out to be a perfect day.....ending around the firepit with all of my children at home.  ahhhhh.

The baby shower was held at a 150 year old cottage....the home of one of the mom-to-be's cousins.  The hostesses outdid themselves with the decorations and the food.
It was cute overload.

The shower was actually held out doors and we were certainly blessed with perfect weather.  It was the blue clouds...just a slight breeze....hovering in the mid 60's kind of day.  Perfect for an outdoor gathering.  (Are you sick of the word perfect yet?)
There is nothing better than baby shower food and cake.


Later, Chuck grilled steaks and after dinner
we all grabbed a blanket and headed out to the firepit. 
The PERFECT ending to the weekend.

The baby shower party favor was a baby jar full of jelly beans. 
I brought home a couple for Jordan and Will. 
 Harry stared hard at that jar. 
He could eat that jar like it was Fritos.

Just so you don't think this is a Harry Blog,
 I'm throwing this picture in. 
 I have a plate collection hanging on my back fence. 
And believe it or not, they are holding up to the rain,wind and sun.

Do you see who is being loved on?  Yep.
His ears feel like I forgive him for eating umbrellas.
We will keep him in chew toys 'til death do us part.


  1. Harry is adorable. I miss my big sweet Charley.

  2. In addition to the dogs and kids, I am LOVING that cottage and your plates!!!!!